Roxbury Farm is a community supported farm. They grow vegetables, herbs, and grass fed pork, lamb, and beef for over 1000 shareholders representing over 1200 families in four communities–Columbia County, the Capital Region, Westchester County and Manhattan–on 300 acres in Kinderhook, New York.

Roxbury Farm is a biodynamic farm. A biodynamic farmer allows a great diversity of living organisms on his or her farm to thrive, harboring life and storing energy. Every aspect of the farm makes its own unique contribution to the whole. A biodynamic farm transforms from a factory, producing food and generating profit, to a being that has its own characteristics with associated strengths and weaknesses.

All Roxbury Farm produce is grown without the input of any synthetic or artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Almost all of the vegetables are started from seed on the farm either in the field or in one of their greenhouses. The land is fertilized with aged compost and green manure crops. A very carefully planned rotation allows fields to be taken out of production to build soil fertility. This means they cultivate twice as many acres as needed for vegetable crop production. The result is low incidences of pests and diseases. They believe that soil health is the basis for sound farming.