Farming to create Natural Wealth in Stuyvesant, Columbia County, NY

Stewardship Farms is an entrepreneurial farming, planning and development company in the Hudson Valley. We champion the wide-scale resurrection of a socially just, environmentally restorative and profitable agrarian economy across rural New York. It is our belief that access to fresh, healthy food; meaningful work; planet-friendly homes and caring communities are inalienable rights for our 21st century citizenry.

Our company takes prime farmland out of GMO low-value commodity production and restores it to natural health. Then we help our farmers grow, harvest and deliver profitable, certified organic farm products direct to customers at their workplaces and other convenient locations. Stewardship Farms grows and profits by providing central services for many such small farming operations, assisting them in start-up, operation and direct-to-consumer delivery of their products.stewardship farm
There are four pillars to the Stewardship Farms vision.

I. Our model FramFarm™ is a 340-acre farm employing modern Best Farming Practices developed in Europe and refined in the Hudson Valley. We are pioneering innovative growing systems, including rolling greenhouses, electric equipment and tracking software for quality and yield improvement. We train young farmers, provide good living wages, and offer a career path to grow with our company.

II. We use direct-to-consumer distribution with a patented delivery vehicle that brings the “healthiest food on the planet” to customers located throughout the Northeast. This unique Touring Farmer’s Market also performs outreach, communicating our vision to thousands and making fresh food available to folks in “food desert” areas.

III. We are designing Stewardship Farmland Communities of fairly priced, eco-friendly housing for farmers, workers and other community members – and supported economically by the sale of organic products from integrated FramFarms within a shared landscape. This is a new sustainable model for rural growth, with profitable farming operations replacing typical “amenities” like tennis courts and swimming pools.

IV. Our Town Hall Seminars enroll the public in our vision of a comprehensive sustainable future for landowners, farmers, cuisine entrepreneurs, real estate investors, customers, and homeowners. In this way, we drive our new form of rural economic growth that restores nature, creates good lifetime jobs and builds natural wealth.

THE FUTURE of our rural communities is bright. Located within hours of 55 million consumers, and with millions of acres of prime farmland, abundant water and transportation, rural New York can become the breadbasket for the Northeast. By setting quality standards, while offering efficient and coordinated operational support, Stewardship Farms aspires to become the leadership brand in creating this sustainable and equitable economy. We will represent the best of locally produced food and healthy country living.