Vermont Bean Crafters began in 2009, first in Rutland and now lives at the Mad River Food Hub in Waitsfield, VT. Vermont Bean Crafters is a team of artisans and friends who have a deep-set care and passion for quality food and the relationships, techniques, and equities antecedent to any such quality. Their focus is to nourish our community with locally-grown organic plant-based foods. They are convinced that a Northeastern working landscape prioritizing nutrient-dense annual beans and grains row-cropped in rotations with vegetables and pasture–all hedged in by perennial staple foods such as nuts, fruits, berries and mushrooms–bolsters the integrity, beauty, and viability of our communities.

“Field Goods is our 2nd biggest account. Glad to be doing business with you, and especially to be getting more nourishing foods out to folks thatmay not otherwise have such access!”

-Joe “el Jefe & el Chefe” at VBC