Field Goods has two services that are proven to



No cost, no fuss, fast and easy to set up.

Beet Camp

A low-cost, highly-valued employee benefit.

Both create a culture of wellness and environmental responsibility!


“We have tried dozens of wellness programs and none have come close to the popularity and impact of Field Goods, particularly on our culture. We actually have people talking excitedly about vegetables in the hallways.”Carol Gordon, Director of Benefits at FujiFilm
“Field Goods is a very low-cost way to make a significant impact on the health of our employees.”Amy Perrault, VP of HR at Beech-Nut
“THANK YOU for changing the way my family eats.”
“Love all the fresh stuff! Knowing it comes from local farms is fantastic!”
“Love the variety of fresh foods – I have made new dishes that I never would have without Field Goods!”


What’s Involved for Employers
It’s a no cost, no fuss program for employers. Tell your employees about the program. Field Goods handles everything else.

How it Works
Employees sign up for weekly deliveries of produce that are dropped off at the workplace. Each delivery is a different combination of 5 to 8 freshly-harvested fruit and vegetables, carefully selected by Field Goods and sourced from small farms. Our informative weekly newsletter, In the Bag, provides tips and recipes. A subscription costs $16, $21, $27, or $32, depending on the selected bag size.

Employees sign-up on our website, select the subscription that fits their household, and then easily manage their weekly or bi-weekly order. It’s simple for employees to add extras, put their subscription on hold and restart it any time.

Why Employers – and Employees – Love Field Goods

  • Convenient delivery of a wide variety of high-quality produce at a great value promotes fruit and vegetable consumption for employees – and the whole family.
  • Offers a highly-valued employee benefit at no cost to the employer.
  • Supports a culture of wellness and environmental responsibility within the organization.
  • It works – Field Goods changes behavior! Field Goods has been shown to break down the barriers to a healthy diet.
  • See the results of the Sage Colleges Nutrition Department’s Field Goods Diet Study!

Contact us to find out more about the Office Delivery Service.

This 10-week program supercharges employee participation, showcases employer support, and creates a culture of wellness and healthy results!

What’s Involved for Employers
Contribute to each participating employee’s produce bag order – from a recommended minimum of $5 per week to 100% of the subscription cost.

How it Works
For a 10-week period, the employer contributes a suggested minimum of $5 per week to each employee’s fruit and vegetable bag order. Employees sign up at our website; pay directly for their weekly produce delivery; and commit to 8 deliveries during the 10-week period. The employers’ contribution (subsidy) reduces the price of each delivery for employees, serving as a powerful motivator for participation.

An introductory group presentation and Q&A kicks off BeetCamp.

Our weekly newsletter educates participants about the produce items and how to prepare them throughout the program

Why BeetCamp is an Effective Wellness Program:

  • Supercharges participation (even among the most diehard ‘meat and potatoes’ eaters).
  • Provides a kick-off that jump-starts employees’ interest and nutritional knowledge.
  • Delivers weekly tips – along with some fun – that inspires employees to try new produce and recipes.
  • Showcases employer’s concern about employees’ health and the environment.
  • Offers a highly-valued employee benefit at a low cost.
  • The proof is in the pudding, so we put together two case studies of our BeetCamps at Beech-Nut and at Fujifilm.

In a recent survey, employees rated BeetCamp™ as a fantastic benefit:

Rated BeetCamp™ as a valuable employee benefit

Said that BeetCamp™ will have a lasting impact on their diet

would recommend BeetCamp™ to other employees

Contact us to find out more about BeetCamp™, and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it.


100% of employees rate BeetCamp as an invaluable employee benefit.

60% of employees report that BeetCamp has had a lasting positive impact on their diet.


According to a study Subscription to a Fresh Produce Delivery Program Increases Intake and Variety of Vegetables at no Added Cost to Customers published in the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, October 2018 by Rayane AbuSabha & Meaghan Gargin, Nutrition Department, The Sage Colleges, Troy NY:

Field Goods® is a subscription-based, weekly delivery service of fresh produce that operates year-round. To determine the impact of program subscription on diet quality, new customers were asked to complete a survey that included a fruit and vegetable semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire at baseline and again at 3–5 months after their first purchase. Grocery shopping habits, satisfaction with their own diet and their family’s diet were also assessed. Findings revealed a significant increase in satisfaction with program subscribers’ diet quality and their family’s diet quality (< 0.001) at follow-up. Subscribers who ordered bags weekly (n = 105) reported consuming five more servings of vegetables per week compared to baseline (= 0.05) and saving approximately $20 per month. A weekly subscription to a fresh produce delivery program may be an effective intervention to improve vegetable intake and variety in adults without adding undue costs to participants.


It’s easy peasy! Contact us and we’ll explain the options. Here are some of the great organizations we work with:

Albany Law School
Albany Medical College
Albany Public Libraries
Bard College
Blue Sky Studios
Capital District Psychiatric
City of Yonkers
Community Care Physicians Groups
Curtis Instruments
Flik International
General Electric
Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley
Healthcare Association of New York State

NYS Bar Association
Pitney Bowes
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rensselaer Technology Park
Siena College
Union College
Westchester Library System and Member Libraries
YMCAs and more!