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Carrots Instead of Candy

Raise money with veggies!

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! We list your location as an organization fundraiser on our website. Subscribers select the fundraiser option and which size subscription they would like. Subscriptions will be priced at our standard cost of $16, $21, $27, or $32 plus an amount you determine. For example, if you would like to raise $1 per bag, our $21 bag would be priced at $22.

Imagine—a fundraiser that is almost no work, goes all year long, and provides a steady income for organization activities. The more bags delivered to your organization, the more fundraising. Once customers subscribe, they automatically receive a delivery (unless they put it on hold or cancel), and Field Goods’ In the Bag newsletter, which gives families information about the produce and how to prepare it. Every quarter, we send the organization a check for the amount you have raised!

It’s loads of fun for kids and parents to see the harvest surprises. Field Goods delivers 150+ varieties of fruits and vegetables and more than a dozen types of local cheese, fresh pasta and artisan bread, ALL YEAR! All of the produce is non-GMO, much is organic, and all is grown by small farms.

Help families eat healthy and earn money for your organization at the same time.

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Some of the great organizations we work with:

  • Hendrick Hudson Free Library
  • New Canaan YMCA
  • Queensbury High School: Fundraiser for Hunger Project
  • Temple Israel
  • Coxsackie Elementary School
  • World Class Gymnastics Fundraiser
  • Woodland Hills Montessori School