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  • East Fishkill Community Library- Fundraiser
  • Fri Jan 02 00:00:00 UTC 1970, thu jan 01 12:30:00 utc 1970 - thu jan 01 17:00:00 utc 1970
  • Order deadline: Tue Dec 30 23:59:59 UTC 1969, tue dec 30 23:59:59 utc 1969
  • Minimum order: 16.00
  • Check with Circulation Desk to pick up your order. Fundraiser helps your library flourish!

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Our Fruit and Vegetable Bags are no-fuss, delightful, weekly deliveries of the best farmers market quality produce available and a great value! Every Friday we announce the items we've selected for you with our IN THE BAG newsletter.
If you are looking for a surefire weekly supply of eggs, fruits, herbs, alliums, salad, and yogurt, or love the adventure of receiving different types of bread, cheese, and pasta each week, we have you covered.
Once you have created your account, you can easily turn your Subscriptions on or off and purchase items individually.