Field Goods Teams Up with Capital Roots to Provide Fresh, Local Produce to Capital Region Residents


Albany, NY – December 23, 2014 – Field Goods and Capital Roots, two local organizations that provide fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms to consumers, are teaming up to provide easier access to healthy food to area residents. Capital Roots will source produce from the Field Goods facility in Athens, NY for the Veggie Mobile program. Capital Roots will also be selling the produce through its online wholesale marketplace, the Virtual Veggie Mobile, as well as using the produce in their Squash Hunger Program.

Field Goods is an innovative subscription delivery service, founded in 2011, that delivers small-farm produce to customers at workplace and community locations. The company primarily markets its service as a wellness program. Local produce is purchased from more than 70 small farms and delivered to more than 2,000 customers at 300 locations in nine Hudson Valley counties from Saratoga to Yonkers.

The Veggie Mobile was created by Capital Roots in 2007 to supply elderly, low-income and disabled residents with fresh produce directly to their housing facilities and supporting organizations such as the Cohoes Senior Center. The Virtual Veggie Mobile is a relatively new online marketplace where local farmers list their produce, dairy, meat and value-added products so that daycare centers at locations such as the Albany YMCA, schools, group homes, hospitals, restaurants, convenience stores and other wholesale consumers can purchase fresh, nutritious food. The Virtual Veggie Mobile is now available as a smartphone app. The Squash Hunger program is a food donation initiative that collects and distributes more than 11 tons of fresh produce to our region’s food pantries and shelters each year.

“We are often asked about addressing the needs of lower income communities, but we don’t have the relationships in those communities,” said Donna Williams, Field Goods founder. “Working together with the Capital Roots is an ideal solution for us. While everyone should be eating carrots, how they get those carrots is a very different process for different consumer groups.”

“There is synergy here,” said Amy Klein, Executive Director of Capital Roots. “You have a for-profit and a nonprofit organization that are doing parallel work to different constituencies. Instead of looking at what Field Goods is doing as competition in any way, we see ourselves as working in a synergistic way to help the myriad people in our region get fresh healthy food.”

The collaboration will increase access to a wider variety of local farm produce for Capital Roots customers and reduce the cost. Capital Roots can leverage Field Goods’ large direct farmer relationship and transportation.

“Each week we deliver a selection of produce we have in excess to Capital Roots in Troy, and on the return trip to Athens, we pick up additional produce directly from farms in between,” said Williams. “It’s a win-win-win.”

“Whatever we can do to continue to bolster the farm base and the movement of selling local produce to different parts of our region is a positive thing for local farmers,” said Klein. “Arrangements like this allow them to spend more time on their farms, doing what they do best, instead of being out on the road selling their products.”

About Field Goods
Field Goods delivers local foods purchased from over 70 small farms to its subscribers at over 300 locations from Saratoga to Yonkers in the Hudson Valley regions of New York State. The company markets its subscription program to businesses and organizations as a wellness program. Field Goods’ subscription product offers businesses a no cost wellness employee benefit that helps employees make a commitment to healthy eating and supporting sustainable farming. The company works with over 250 organizations. Field Goods also has over 60 open-to-the public community pick-up locations. Field Goods is based in Athens, NY and was founded in 2011 by Donna Williams. Learn more at

About Capital Roots
Capital Roots, formerly Capital District Community Gardens, works to reduce the impact of poor nutrition on public health in New York’s Capital Region by organizing community gardens, providing healthy food access, offering nutritional and horticultural education for all ages, and coordinating urban greening programs in Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady and southern Saratoga Counties. Learn more at

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