Field Goods Announces Its 5th Anniversary and Impact On Small Farms in Eastern New York Region


ATHENS, NY – June 1, 2016 – On the fifth anniversary of its first delivery, Field Goods has created the Fund-A-Farmer Challenge which will run throughout the month of June. The Challenge is designed to highlight the significant impact that buying local produce has on our region’s small farms. The goal for the Challenge is to add 500 new Field Goods subscribers during the month of June. Field Goods has enlisted the help of its over 4,000 customers and 650 community and workplace sites to achieve the goal.

As part of this anniversary Challenge, Field Goods also released the results of recent proprietary research which underscores the positive impact of Field Goods on local agriculture and its farm suppliers since its inception. Conducted among its small farms, the survey revealed significant gains in revenue and acreage for this group of Field Goods farmer-partners, in large part, due to their work with Field Goods.

• 75% of the surveyed farms now generate annual revenues of more than $100,000, which compares to only 45% with revenues in the 6 figures in 2011
• In the past 5 years, the number of acres farmed has increased by 183%.
• 75% report that Field Goods is important or very important to their sales and profit

“The Fund-A-Farmer Challenge idea grew out of this research,” said Donna Williams, Field Goods founder and president. “We realized that if we could add 500 customers in the month of June we would purchase enough produce to fund a small start-up farm for a year. Anyone can participate in the Challenge by either starting a pick-up location at their workplace or community location, or by becoming a customer at an existing location.

As part of the Fund-A-Farmer Challenge, Field Goods is encouraging its customers to share their ideas for new pick-up locations with specific contact information and is offering a $5 off coupon for all new customers.”

The company’s mission is to serve both the burgeoning consumer demand for local produce and the business need for wellness programs, while helping expand small farm production. Field Goods works with over 80 small farms. “When I started the business, I had an in-depth understanding of small farm products and operations and how they differ from large industrial farms,” said Williams. “I built the business to serve the farmers as well as consumers. My logic was simple: Field Goods success is tied to the success of the farmers.”

“I think it’s a good outlet for many farmers who are trying to do the retail thing,” said Ethan Ball, farm manager at Schoharie Valley Farm in Schoharie. “It’s another alternative to find a home for some good produce. In the produce industry, it’s tough. A lot of people like to buy things and not everybody is good about payment and they’ve been really good about payment. Plus they are doing a lot to help the upstate-downstate connection by helping to bridge the gap between farmers and the biggest appetite in the state — down in New York City.”

“Field Goods continues to be a vital resource for our region’s farmers,” said Todd Erling, Executive Director of the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corp. “Donna’s innovative business strategies and commitment to local farms is evident through the growth of her own business and that of the farms she works with. The Fund-A-Farmer program is another great strategy from Field Goods that will increase farmer profitability and get more locally grown food onto the plates of consumers.”

About Field Goods
Founded in 2011, Donna Williams started the business using a 1990 Ford Taurus to deliver fruit and vegetable bags to 60 customers at 10 pick-up locations. Today the company serves over 4,000 customers at over 650 community and workplace delivery locations. Since its inception, the company has delivered about 250,000 Field Goods bags to almost 11,000 customers and their families. Field Goods currently delivers throughout eastern New York State, including the New York metro area and southwestern CT. Its service area also includes western MA and northern NJ.
Field Goods is a subscription-based local food service. Subscribers receive 5 to 8 different types of fruits and vegetables each week, sourced from over 80 small farms. Subscriptions cost $15, $20, $25 and $30 a week. In addition, Field Goods’ no-cost wellness program for businesses is proven to change diets by significantly increasing vegetable consumption.

Field Goods has been recognized for its hiring of workers with disabilities, and received grants from Greene County Economic Development, the New York State Capital Region Economic Development Council competition, and the USDA for its work to support agriculture and create jobs in an economically disadvantaged area. Field Goods is a certified New York State Women-Owned business.

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