Field Goods Back-to-School Campaign Builds on Mission of Helping Families Eat Healthier
“Carrots Instead of Candy” program benefits schools
and parents’ organizations


ATHENS, NY – August 24, 2016 – Field Goods has created a back-to-school program that motivates schools and parents’ associations to participate in the company’s healthy local produce delivery service. The newly announced campaign reflects the five-year old company’s mission of helping families eat healthier.

For every new Field Goods customer who signs up to pick up a bag of its local produce at a school or school fundraiser location in the next six weeks, Field Goods will reward the school with a donation. From September 1st to October 14th, Field Goods will donate $5 for every new customer gained at a school. Plus, for schools and PTAs that introduce Field Goods service for the first time, the organization will earn an additional $50 donation from Field Goods for each new location.

More than 100 schools in eastern New York State and Fairfield County, CT currently serve as pick-up locations for Field Goods’ weekly service. Field Goods’ fundraiser program, “Carrots Instead of Candy”, offers a unique way to generate donations for parents’ associations and other fundraising programs all year long, with almost no required work. PTAs can choose to add $1 or $2 to the price of the Field Goods bag (starting at $15) – raising donations every week from the participating families.

Donna Williams, Field Goods founder and president, explained “Since starting Field Goods more than five years ago, we have focused on offering convenient access to local produce and helping families eat healthier. This special back-to-school program ups the ante for schools and school fundraisers,” she detailed. “It’s a perfect way to raise money for the school while helping everyone involved eat better. That’s a win-win for schools and families.”

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