Fruit & Vegetable Subscriptions

We offer local produce subscriptions all year long! Our weekly delivery consists of 5 to 8 fruit and vegetables. Our products have superior taste, freshness, and nutrition thanks to the care and farming methods of our small farmers. Plus, many of the products are not available in your local grocery store!



Per week
    Designed for 1 person
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per week
    Designed for 2-3 people
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Per Week
    Designed for 3-5 people
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Family Bag

Single Bags provide about five items in a quantity that’s suitable for an individual.

Family Bag

Small Bags usually offer the same selection as the larger bags, with quantities suited for a couple.

Family Bag

Standard Bags provide the same items as the Family Bag with slightly smaller quantities.

Family Bag

Family Bags provide the largest diversity and quantity.

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Additional Subscriptions

We offer a variety of additional subscriptions priced from $5 to $6 to help make eating healthy local food easier. Our additional subscriptions include Salad Mix of the Week, Fruit of the Week, Herb and Allium of the Week, Bread of the Week, Cheese of the Week, Pasta of the Week, as well as Yogurt and Eggs.

radicle farm salad mix

Salad Mix of the Week $5


Fruit of the Week $6

herb and allium

Herb and Allium of the Week $6

dozen free range humane eggs

Organic Free-Range Eggs $5.25

Pantry Items

To help in the kitchen, we offer a variety of healthy cooking staples from local producers!

A Year in the Field Goods Family

Week in May

Rainbow Swiss Chard
Orange Beets
Spicy Salad Mix
Sugar Snap Peas

Week in August

Frying Peppers
Easter Egg Radishes
Fingerling Potatoes
Curly Parsley
Heirloom Tomatoes
White Peaches

Week in October

Watermelon Radishes
Mixed Kale Bunch
Celery Root
Bosc Pears

WEEK IN January

Frozen Corn
Frozen Blueberries
Purple Top Turnips
Red Beets
Jonagold Apples
Pea Greens

Winter products include a surprising and delightful array of frozen produce, mushrooms, apples, winter veggies (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, winter squash), greenhouse products, and more…

Our Customers Get Creative

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Who knew my kids would like kale?!Surprised Mom
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