We deliver remarkable quality, variety, and value.

We search far and wide to bring you unusual, heirloom, and hard-to-find produce, dairy, meat, and small-batch creations from passionate food entrepreneurs. Offered as subscriptions or one-time purchases.

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For Your Health

A Field Goods Fruit & Vegetable bag improves your diet. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition

mixed fruit bag

Curated Fruit & Vegetable Bags
We do the work for you, selecting familiar favorites and delicious surprises.

mixed fruit bag

Curated Mixed Fruit Bags
Locally grown fruits, citrus, bananas, and rare varieties.

For The Fun Of It

“It’s like Christmas every week!” Field Goods Customers

dozen free range humane eggs

Bread of the Week
Bread made fresh daily with organic ingredients. Special selections like Olive Loaf and Cinnamon Twist.

dozen free range humane eggs

Pasta of the Week
Sfoglini Pasta is made with organic grains from New York State farmers. Fun varieties like Emmer Reginetti and Rye Trumpets.


Cheese of the Week
Cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, chevre, oh my! We source from artisan and local cheesemakers.

herbs of the week

Herbs & Alliums of the Week
For the adventurous cook. Bursting herb bunches, interesting alliums, as well as live plants.

Because You’re Busy

“Saves me from going to the grocery store.” Field Goods Customers

dozen free range humane eggs

Organic Eggs
Certified organic from local producers who insist on free-range practices.

herbs of the week

Creamline Yogurt
Rich, sweet, and non-homogenized yogurt made with grass-fed cow’s milk.

herbs of the week

Can’t live without them, we make it easy… certified organic or from sustainable farms.


Seasonal Fruit of the Week
Just-picked strawberries, peaches, plums, heirloom apples, and many more.

herbs of the week

Sliced Whole Wheat Bread
Certified organic 100% whole wheat bread… hearty, simple, and delicious.

herbs of the week

Salad Mix of the Week
A variety of salad mixes grown specially for Field Goods by Radicle Farm.

Who knew my kids would like kale?!Surprised Mom