Fruit & Vegetable Bags

Bags can be ordered as a subscription or purchased one time. Produce items can be purchased à la carte.

Bags are priced from $16 to $32. There is an additional $1 to $2 delivery charge depending on location.

Fridays, we announce next week’s selections in our newsletter. Order deadlines are 2 days prior to delivery day.

Single Bag

Single $16 per week.
Designed for 1 person.

Small Bag

Small $21 per week.
Designed for 1-2 people.

Standard Bag

Standard $27 per week.
Designed for 2-3 people.

Standard Bag

Family $32 per week.
Designed for 3-5 people.

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Convenient and Delightful Subscriptions

We offer a variety of additional subscriptions priced from $5 to $6. These can also be purchased à la carte.

radicle farm salad mix

Salad of the Week


Fruit of the Week


Bread of the Week


Cheese of the Week

dozen free range humane eggs

Free Range Eggs

The Best from Small Farms & Producers

Only Field Goods members can order. To become a member, simply order one of our subscription products. Subscriptions can easily be held or discontinued, if you prefer to order items individually.

Here’s a Peek at What’s Available Next Week

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