A Field Goods Exclusive:
Custom-Grown Salad Mix

For just $5.00 per week, you’ll receive unique 5-ounce mixes of premium quality, super fresh, pesticide-free salad. Mixes vary weekly and will include greens such as red and green romaine lettuces as well as super-healthy greens such as tatsoi, chard, spinach, and mizuna.

The mixes are specially grown for Field Goods by our friends at Radicle Farm in their innovative greenhouses in upstate New York. Using a modified hydroponic system, Radicle’s growing process is a closed loop system, which in addition to reducing nutrient loss, uses only 10% of the water required for typical field production and eliminates potential runoff into the surrounding ecosystem. Now that’s good for us and the planet! Available as a weekly or bi-weekly subscription at $5.00 per week.