make every day earth day


We believe that doing right by our planet isn’t just about a few large nations and organizations doing a few big things, but rather many people doing many small things.

Think small but do it a lot… make the impossible possible.

Our Small Steps

  • Get more people eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Buy from small sustainable farms
  • Buy just what we need each week
  • Buy produce that our farmers grow best
  • Reduce nutrient loss by shortening the time from farm to your table
  • Deliver many orders to 1 place instead of 1 order to many homes
  • Reuse and reduce packaging
  • Celebrate the diversity of food
  • Accept what Mother Nature offers, cause in the end that’s all there is

Beets Instead of Burgers

Oxford University posits that transitioning to a more plant-based diet could reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions by 49%, which are reported to cause about 25% of all greenhouse gases.

Field Goods Facts

  • 80+ small farms
  • 150+ varieties of produce
  • Each Field Goods bag is used about 25 times
  • Almost 0% food waste
  • Customers eliminate about 1 grocery store trip per month
  • Food miles per order equals 4 miles
  • Our customers eat 5 times more produce per week than average

Small is Beautiful

Sustainable small farms focus on soil, plant, and animal health. They grow produce that supports these principles rather than glittering grocery store shelves. They grow produce that thrives in their soils and climate, which reduces the necessity for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They are adaptable, they care, they work hard and fight the good fight for us every day.