The Green BioBags

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compostable bag

We have begun to pack products in the green BioBags. Their texture is different that plastic, which allows them to “breathe” and in turn keeps produce fresher. Please give us feedback on these bags by taking our one-question “What Do You Think of the Compostable Bag” Survey. How does it work? Donate one-time: “order” the $0.15 Compostable Bag Fund Donation in the Donations category. … Read More

The New Compostable Bag Fund!

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compostable bag

A big thank you to the anonymous customer that suggested this idea! If you missed our email earlier this week, here’s scoop. We’d like to stop using single-use plastic bags for packing produce and other items. An alternative is compostable bags but they cost 3x more than plastic bags, so we created the Compostable Bag Fund to help cover the cost. … Read More