Boiled (or Sautéed) Bacon and Cabbage

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Let’s honor the Irish tradition and pair our cabbage with boiled bacon. Since not all of us are feeding a family, use the ratios below to adjust serving size. Cut cabbage stores wonderfully when wrapped. Ingredients Hudson Valley Harvest Uncured Natural Bacon Cabbage Onion Water Salt, pepper and apple cider vinegar to taste (Use 6 strips of bacon, 1 onion, … Read More

St. Patrick’s Day: Why Green, Cabbage, and Corned Beef?

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The origin of some traditional holiday food becomes clear when buying local, seasonal produce. Let’s take St. Paddy’s Day for example. Front and center, you have cabbage and potatoes, which is pretty much the only thing left in the cupboard in March in Ireland and here in the Northeast. There is a little-known historical fact about the color green and … Read More

Shredded Cabbage Comforts

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This week’s certified organic shredded cabbage was grown by Hepworth Farms, and prepped by Trusted Harvest to make your life easier! No need to risk injury using your mandoline… this cabbage comes shredded and ready to use. A vegetable long touted for it’s amazing nutrition-to-cost ratio, cabbage is also highly versatile for a multitude of dishes. One of our favorite recipes … Read More

Lycurgus Cries Tears of Caraflex Cabbage

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Caraflex cabbage is a sweet and tender cabbage, that is hands down the best tasting cabbage available and a great alternative or addition to salad. Even if you are not a cabbage lover you will enjoy Caraflex. The Caraflex variety is lovingly nicknamed “Conehead” cabbage because of its striking resemblance to the Saturday Night Live characters of the same name. This … Read More

TACO ’bout easy

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This week we’ve made meal prep exceptionally easy. Whether you whip up breakfast burritos for the week or throw a fiesta for taco night, you’re ready to go this week. We’ve got black beans (parboiled), frozen bell peppers (already diced, just saute), savoy cabbage (the perfect crunch), and some very high quality, flavorful tortillas to wrap it all up. Pick up … Read More