Greek Gods and Conehead Caraflex

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Caraflex cabbage is a sweet and tender cabbage, that is hands down the best tasting cabbage available and a great alternative or addition to salad. Even if you are not a cabbage-lover you will enjoy Caraflex. The Caraflex variety is lovingly nicknamed “Conehead” cabbage because of its striking resemblance to the Saturday Night Live characters of the same name. This charming … Read More

Putting the Irish In the Bag

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The origin of some traditional holiday food becomes very clear when buying local, seasonal produce. Let’s take Irish St. Patrick’s Day for example. Front and center you have cabbage and potatoes, which is pretty much the only thing left in the cupboard in March in Ireland and the Northeast. There is a little known historical fact about the color green and the Irish Saint’s … Read More

Holy Frijoles! We Have Black Beans!

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It’s bean time! These pre-cooked organic black beans from Vermont Bean Crafters are one of our favorite items to deliver.  Just fry up some onion and garlic, add the beans and some of the fabulous roasted red peppers arriving this week, add some dried cayenne pepper and cheddar cheese (see below) and Even better – try using the cabbage instead of … Read More

Caraflex Cabbage: Consume Mass Quantities

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“Best tasting cabbage,” read the organic seeds catalogs. Caraflex, AKA Conehead, Pointed, Hispi, and Hearted: “the sweetest, most tender cabbage that we have ever had in the trials and it’s early, too.” This cabbage is perfect for coleslaw and stir-fries as well as salads where you want some extra crunch. This variety is lovingly nicknamed “Conehead” because of its  resemblance … Read More