Blueberry Bonanza

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These blue gems are perfect for any meal of the day! Blueberries aren’t just spectacularly delightful, they pack an unparalleled health-punch. Feeling guilty about all the maple syrup drowning your pancakes? Throw some antioxidant-rich blueberries in and all over them! Need a lunch or dinner dish that’s spiked with vitamins and minerals? Bet you didn’t think about easy grilled cheese with blueberries. … Read More

Carrot About Sweet and Savory

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You know how sometimes you are in the mood for something sweet and other times something savory? Well, if you have a carrot in the house you can swing either way. The carrot is a truly accommodating piece of produce. Sweet and Savory Alton Brown’s Glazed Carrot This recipe is super convenient in part because the number one ingredient, ginger … Read More

Veggies for Dessert

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Let us explain! While these delightful desserts have a vegetable as the focus, they are by no means a health product (sigh of relief). We recognize that sometimes all of us get a tad veggie-fatigued and want to dig in to something sweet and satisfying at the end of the day. Here are some veggie desserts sure to please, with the … Read More