Cherry While You Can

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This week is cherry week. Cherries (especially sour cherries) have a short harvest window and can be easily damaged by too much rain so you need to get them when you can. This week we have cherries in the bag and Montmorency red sour cherries as the Fruit Subscription. THE BEST WAY TO PIT CHERRIES! This video from Sunset Magazine shows the best … Read More

Cheery Cherries

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The first cherries of the season have arrived!! Break out the red carpet for these sweet things. Around here, the first cherries of the season are the blush sweet cherries, the most common variety are Rainier. This week you will be getting a similar variety called Emperor Francis…only royalty for Field Goods customers. Next come the red sweet and then … Read More

George Washington Didn’t Chop Down A Cherry Tree

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He never got anywhere near our cherry trees up here in the Hudson Valley, either. Nonetheless, Mother Nature has managed to cut them at the knees. Thanks to the combination of last year’s bumper crop and this year’s intensely cold winter, the cherry trees all blossomed…but never produced any fruit (a “false bloom”). Our farmer friend, the indomitable Bob Fix from Fix … Read More