Japanese eggplant, the long & slim of it.

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Japanese eggplant is a long, slim type with thin skin, minimal seeds, and a delicate flavor. The specific variety that was grown for us by Stoneledge Farm is called Orient Express, which is renowned for being one of the most dependable Japanese eggplants. Tender and quick cooking, Japanese eggplant is a great starter eggplant. This fruit (did you know eggplant … Read More

Eating Purple Vegetables, People

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This week we bring you purple vegetables: Chinese Eggplant, Purple Viking Potatoes, and Concord Grapes (Fruit of the Week). The Chinese eggplant has a much thinner skin and less bitter taste than standard eggplants and are a favorite in Asian cuisine. We’ve found three Chinese eggplant recipe videos we think you will enjoy. Chef Buck peppers his Chinese Eggplant with Sweet Saucerecipe … Read More

Japanese Eggplant, the Long & Slim of it

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Japanese Eggplant is a long, slim variety with thin skin, minimal seeds and a delicate flavor. This fruit (did you know it’s a fruit?) is one of the best varieties for grilling. Check below section for NY Times grill tips (they really report on everything). Here’s a funky recipe we stumbled upon inspired by Filipino cuisine: Slices Dipped in Egg. As always, recipes … Read More