The Muscles of Brussels

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Frozen Brussels Sprouts

If you’ve made it this far without abandoning your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, pat yourself on the back. Nearly a third of people give up by January 15th, and almost half fall off the wagon by the end of the month. How can you avoid becoming another statistic? The Brussels sprouts in this week’s bag certainly offer a … Read More

Field Goods Frozen Produce

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We are winding down the frozen produce for the year. We have placed the remaining products in the webstore so grab them while you can! Last week we received this email from a customer we thought we would share: “The frozen items you provide are so darn good! I didn’t know it was possible for frozen strawberries to taste that … Read More

All About Our Frozen Produce

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If you haven’t tried our frozen produce you are in for a big treat! Field Goods’ frozen produce is packaged specially for us by The Farm Bridge based in Kingston, NY. The Farm Bridge uses Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology, a flash freezing process that involves tossing prepped veggies on a conveyor belt and passing them through the freezer. Because each … Read More