Cooking Collards: The Controversy

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We can all agree that nothing beats some well seasoned collard greens. Packed with antioxidants, calcium, and cholesterol reducing properties, this side dish serves up some feel good bites. But what we can’t seem to agree on is cook time.   Some people claim that collards should only take 15-18 minutes, while others firmly believe good collards should take an entire … Read More

It’s So Sweet Corn

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This week’s frozen sweet corn, like all our frozen produce, is harvested during the growing season from our farms and then travels close by to The Farm Bridge in Kingston, NY for their special flash freezing process. The Farm Bridge uses Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology to ensure we get the highest quality frozen product. IQF involves tossing prepped veggies on … Read More

Smoothies vs. Juices

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What is the big deal about smoothies? How are they different than juices? Simply put, smoothies are made of fruits and vegetables that are blended. This means they retain the fiber, while juicing removes the fiber from the mix. Smoothies will fill you up while juices give you an instant hit of nutrients. The downside to fruit-based juices is that … Read More

Field Goods Frozen Produce

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We are winding down the frozen produce for the year. We have placed the remaining products in the webstore so grab them while you can! Last week we received this email from a customer we thought we would share: “The frozen items you provide are so darn good! I didn’t know it was possible for frozen strawberries to taste that … Read More

A Sauce for All Occasions

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This week features a delightful pop of summer with frozen cherry tomatoes and strawberries. The cherry tomatoes are a super versatile frozen item that can work in a lot of ways. While we love tossing them in an omelet or soup, our favorite recipe is sweet tomato sauce. This is a slow(ish)-roasted version of stove-top tomato sauce that will work … Read More