Field Goods Frozen Produce

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We are winding down the frozen produce for the year. We have placed the remaining products in the webstore so grab them while you can! Last week we received this email from a customer we thought we would share: “The frozen items you provide are so darn good! I didn’t know it was possible for frozen strawberries to taste that … Read More

A Sauce for All Occasions

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This week features a delightful pop of summer with frozen cherry tomatoes and strawberries. The cherry tomatoes are a super versatile frozen item that can work in a lot of ways. While we love tossing them in an omelet or soup, our favorite recipe is sweet tomato sauce. This is a slow(ish)-roasted version of stove-top tomato sauce that will work … Read More

Little Tomato, Big Flavor

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These frozen cherry tomatoes give great texture to sauce. Think canned tomatoes when you grab this bag out of the freezer. Unlike the frozen tomato puree (which is a perfect base for pizza sauce, chili and tomato soup) cherry tomatoes still have their shape which can give you a quick but hearty tomato sauce. Of course, add cherry tomatoes whole … Read More

How Field Goods Saved the Cherry Tomatoes

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Late last summer we got a call from Hepworth Farm. One of their large retail customers (who shall not be named) decided they did not need the truck load of cherry tomatoes that Hepworth Farm had harvested for them. Could we buy them? A truckload! That is a heck of a lot of cherry tomatoes, even for us.  So we came … Read More