Green Beans Supreme

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We love Markisto’s Certified Organic green beans, not only because they are so darn fresh and flavorful, but because they always blow away our family and dinner guests. They’re impressive. They’re also such a quick and easy veggie to cook. They cook in under 10 minutes. Then add lemon, garlic, and butter. Done. Pro tip: It’s important to not wash green … Read More

Roasted Garlic Green Beans

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Green beans, while seemingly common are actually a great and underestimated health food. String beans are rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, manganese and beta-carotene, which provide a direct benefit to our heart health. Green beans are also high in vitamin K, a nutrient imperative to the blood clotting process and to supporting healthy bones. Ingredients 1 bag Field Goods … Read More

Everybody Loves the Romano Beans

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Romano beans (also known as Italian Flat Beans) are meatier than regular green beans, and a favorite among Italian cooks. Broad (about 1” wide), tender and sweet. Eat them raw, blanched, grilled, braised. Very quick Romano Bean salad: Blanch them in salty boiling water for no more than 3 minutes to keep them crunchy. Drain, rinse with cold water to cool them … Read More

Green Beans Baked with Bacon and Onion

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Ingredients: 2 bags of Field Goods Frozen Green Beans (Cut into bite size pieces and then defrost) 1 medium Onion 6 slices of bacon chopped 1/2 cup ketchup 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce OR 2 tsp apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp molasses 1/4 cup brown sugar Instructions: Cook bacon and onion until bacon is crispy. Drain grease but reserve 2 … Read More