Escarole, Not Just for Italians and Tortoises

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Raw Green Organic Escarole Lettuce

From Roberta, a Field Good customer “I wanted to let you know I just got my order. Strawberries are the best…sweet, rip and flavorful. The escarole is HUGE I get it for my tortoise but now I’ll start eating it. Arugula is so much better than the market’s, love the roots attached and they are very fresh. Thanks sooooo much!” … Read More

The Great Scape

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Fresh garlic scapes on glass plate

A garlic scape is the best, most useful thing ever! These weird-looking curly thingies are the flowering stem of garlic. In garlic production, they are removed so that the garlic will focus its energy into growing the bulb. Up until recently, farmers around our region tossed them away. Now that more Americans are willing to try foods that the rest of the world has … Read More

The Friendly Asparagus

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Asparagus is not only people friendly, it is also earth friendly.  Because asparagus is a spring vegetable, it needs relatively little fertilizer, pest and weed control, and water. We found a wonderful article on about how to cook asparagus. We’ll give you a taste here and then you can dig in further by going to this link. You can either grill, … Read More

Shishito Peppers – Toothpick Included

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Shishito Peppers are a popular Japanese bar snack that have found their way into the US hipster bar scene and among trendy foodie folk. According to none other than Epicurious magazine, sautéed Shishitos are absolutely the best thing to nibble on with drinks. In our opinion, one does not necessarily need alcohol to adore them. Shishitos are mild, thin-skinned mini-peppers. The word is … Read More

Fava Beans, A Springtime Fava-rite

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A springtime favorite, fava beans have a very short harvest season and like other spring crops are a get them while you can items. Fresh fava beans are very different from their dried counterpart, they are green and tender, sweet and meaty. You’ll love them. This week you will receive between ¾ to 1 pound depending on the size of the Fruit … Read More