Not All Produce is Created Equal

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There is a reason that the produce you receive from a farmer’s market, farm stand, and Field Goods is an entirely different product (particularly with respect to taste and variety) than you would get at a grocery store. Adding some wine to the conversation helps. By way of illustration, “Industrial” carrots grown in Canada may have no more in common with … Read More

A Sauce for All Occasions

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This week features a delightful pop of summer with frozen cherry tomatoes and strawberries. The cherry tomatoes are a super versatile frozen item that can work in a lot of ways. While we love tossing them in an omelet or soup, our favorite recipe is sweet tomato sauce. This is a slow(ish)-roasted version of stove-top tomato sauce that will work … Read More

Our Most Prized Family Heirloom – IN YOUR BAG!

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This week’s heirloom tomatoes will include any of the four classes: family, commercial, mystery, and created. These tomatoes lack the gene that give your typical tomatoes the uniform red color (your consumer-perfect grocery store type). Because of this, they are able to more easily manufacture sugar. This makes them sweeter than your average tomato. Heirloom tomatoes have become exceedingly popular … Read More