Mmm, Mmm, Macomber

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Here’s the scoop on the Macomber.  As stated by a plaque in Westport, Massachusetts, brothers Adin and Elihu Macomber returned home from the Philadelphia Exposition of 1876 with special Pure Bristol White turnip seeds, originating from Swedish and Russian rutabagas. They dubbed the sweet, creamy root vegetable that grew from the seeds the Macomber Turnip, which thrived in Westport soil and … Read More


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With their bright green stalks and purple tops, these are some glamorous vegetables coming your way. These stalks, along with their kale, spinach, and pear counterparts are all making their way from the magical land of New Jersey. They’re just south enough for growing the stuff that’s not quite ready yet in our beautiful state because of the long, long, … Read More