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Ingredients Portobello Mushrooms with Stem Onion Olive Oil Hamburger (grass fed) For every pound of hamburger, use 1 mushroom and ½ onion. Instructions Puree the entire mushroom in a food processor then add onion until chopped. Then heat olive oil and sautee the mixture 5 minutes. Let the mixture cool. Mix with the ground beef. Make your burgers. We recommend … Read More

Portabella Mushroom Sex and the Future of Libraries

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Are they portobellos or portabellas… and that is the question of the week. The names were invented in the 1980s to make this rather ungainly mushroom seem glamorous. Which is correct? Are mushrooms male or female? And therein lies the problem. Mushrooms can have as many as 36,000 sexes. The Supreme Court of Mushroomland, The Mushroom Council, has ruled that the … Read More

New Feature: Add-on Produce

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Customers have told us that, at times, they would like to get more of a certain item in the bags. Thanks to your input, we now offer Add-on Produce! This week you can order: Portobello Mushrooms Peppers Fresh Onions Sweet Corn White Peaches Bunched Rainbow Carrots You will see them in the Add-on Produce category. Enjoy the produce and our great … Read More

Cold Snap

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Now that we’re back into our regularly scheduled programming, we thought you might like to make something hearty and warming for this end of winter weather. Remember the old “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb?” Well, let’s just say this easy to make chili is something of a lion tamer. If you’re doing a no-meat … Read More

Meet Your Mushroom (Farmer)

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We are blessed with a great location in Athens, Greene County, New York, right in the middle of all this incredible Hudson Valley farming in Columbia and Dutchess, the Adirondacks, the Black Dirt region in Orange, and the who-knew-you-could-grow-this-here Adirondack Mountains. We’re luckier still to be right around the corner from Bulich Mushroom Farm in Catskill, NY. The only cultivated … Read More