Fennel is Your Friend

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Let’s try fennel this week! Fennel enhances the flavor of everything it touches. It makes everything taste better! We’ve heard that it leaves some of us a little lost, so let’s get help! We called up a chef friend and grilled him about how to do fennel right. First things first, you can use the whole thing in your meal, so … Read More

Tuscan Kale and White Bean Pasta: Fancy Weeknight

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Recipes from The Sylvia Center, whose mission is to inspire young people to become healthy eaters and advocates for healthy food in their families and communities. One of our popular extra items is the weekly pasta subscription, and for good reason. Flour City Pasta takes about 5 minutes to hit al-dente, making it a lifesaver on busy days. Add in some kale and … Read More

SO Over Winter

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This week’s bag features overwintered rapini AKA broccoli rabe. What is overwintering, you ask? Overwintering means the seeds were planted in the fall so that crops can be harvested very early in the spring. With vegetables that have a high sugar content (think parsnips and carrots), this process can make the sugar content skyrocket and produce extra sweet veggies. Broccoli … Read More

Little Tomato, Big Flavor

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These frozen cherry tomatoes give great texture to sauce. Think canned tomatoes when you grab this bag out of the freezer. Unlike the frozen tomato puree (which is a perfect base for pizza sauce, chili and tomato soup) cherry tomatoes still have their shape which can give you a quick but hearty tomato sauce. Of course, add cherry tomatoes whole … Read More

Brussels Sprouts 10 Minute Prep

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For our Field Goods veterans, getting Brussels sprouts has become a treat. Where once our beloved subscribers turned their noses up at such a veggie, now they show the love. For our newer Field Gooders, if you haven’t gotten on the high-speed train to Brussels yet, try these easy ways to fall in love with sprouts. Sauteed Shredded Brussels Sprouts Put … Read More