The Edamame Has Arrived

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Late summer each year we wait with our fingers crossed for the Certified Organic, fresh edamame (aka soybeans) from Markristo Farm. Organically grown soybeans are fussy. This year they are happy. Hooray! Most of the edamame in the grocery store (mainly in the freezer section) or in restaurants is GMO. Getting your hands on fresh, non-GMO edamame is tough, so if you … Read More

The Egg Subscription

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The Field Goods Egg Subscription: For just $5.25/week you will receive one dozen large white or brown CERTIFIED ORGANIC and HUMANE, FREE RANGE eggs. These can be ordered for weekly or bi-weekly delivery. Click Here to Order! So, what is the deal with free range eggs and why are they more expensive than commercial eggs? First, there is plenty of research … Read More

Holy Frijoles! We Have Black Beans!

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It’s bean time! These pre-cooked organic black beans from Vermont Bean Crafters are one of our favorite items to deliver.  Just fry up some onion and garlic, add the beans and some of the fabulous roasted red peppers arriving this week, add some dried cayenne pepper and cheddar cheese (see below) and Even better – try using the cabbage instead of … Read More