Partly About Parsnips… and More

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Spring-dug parsnips (also known as over-wintered) are one of those things your grandmother from Italy or Germany or Lower Sandusky wherever treasured. Overwintering means the seeds were planted the year before, so that crops can be harvested in the spring. Exposing plants to winter conditions makes the sugar content in the already sweet parsnips skyrocket. Peel them like carrots, cut them … Read More

Rapini Anxiety and Overwintered Plants

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Rapini, the overwintered sister of broccoli rabe, is a “get it while you can” delicacy vegetable. Depending on the weather it may be available for only a week or two or not at all. So, every spring we suffer through rapini anxiety hoping the weather warms up but not too much. Rapini pops up in the early spring once it starts … Read More

SO Over Winter

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This week’s bag features overwintered rapini AKA broccoli rabe. What is overwintering, you ask? Overwintering means the seeds were planted in the fall so that crops can be harvested very early in the spring. With vegetables that have a high sugar content (think parsnips and carrots), this process can make the sugar content skyrocket and produce extra sweet veggies. Broccoli … Read More