Peas to Meet You

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This week bring us our first round of peas! A rather elegant variety, English shelling peas are easy to prepare and don’t require cooking. Pro tip: do not eat the shell.  To shell the peas, simply squeeze them along the seam to pop open the pod and then use your thumb to slide the peas out.   These peas are adorable, bright green and … Read More

Give Pea Greens a Chance

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Poor supermarket shoppers. They never get to know the most interesting parts of a plant. While every grocery store stocks frozen peas, and some even offer a fresh option, our increasingly homogenized food system relegates the vine’s tender shoots, tendrils, and leaves to the trash heap. Big mistake.

Kirby Cucumber Pickles and English Peas

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The first of the fresh kirby cucumbers are making an entrance! There are endless ways to make refrigerator kirby cucumber pickles. We like this recipe for crunchy refrigerator pickles with dill and garlic. It is straightforward and easy. Just cut the kirby cucumbers into spears and place in a container with a top along with a couple cloves of garlic and fresh dill … Read More

Love Your Leeks

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We love leeks. Roast, braise, sauté, grill, fry, boil, poach, or even eat leeks raw – just slice thinly and add to some greens. The possibilities are endless. Remember to clean leeks thoroughly, as they can be quite sandy. Here are some ideas: Leek Fritters with Minted Yogurt: Sounds fancy but is pretty easy and involves simple ingredients. Chop leeks and … Read More

Mind Your Snap Peas and Cukes

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Genius pun, right? We thought so too. We’ve got more snap peas for you this week from right here in the Hudson Valley. Nothing like fresh snap peas on a summer day, and cucumber to keep you cool, well, as a cucumber. For Shelling Peas: After you shell these peas, do not eat the shells! They’re too tough to eat, so … Read More