Perfect Pie Pumpkin

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A pie pumpkin, and pumpkins in general, are part of the winter squash family and can be used interchangeably with many different winter squash varieties. There are dozens of varieties of pumpkins ranging in color from near-white to orange to green, too. Varieties that are best used for cooking are generally called sweet pumpkins or pie pumpkins. If you want … Read More

Black Futsu: Loving The Unlovely

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The black futsu squash is pretty darn ugly. There is no getting around it. But, don’t let the warty, greenish-grey skin put you off, these are one of the best darn squashes around. They are incredibly sweet with a hazelnut taste, plus you can eat the skin…no peeling required. The black futsu is an heirloom variety that is very difficult to … Read More

Let’s hit a ton (that’s 2,000 pound)!

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The Food Pantry Donation Program We launched our Food Pantry Donation Program last Friday.  As of today, Field Goods customers have donated 1,200 pounds! Let’s top 2,000 pounds by Monday morning. If you haven’t heard about the program here’s the scoop: The Field Goods Food Pantry Donation Program helps get healthy local food to the hungry. It’s easy! You order. We deliver. How to … Read More

Cook it Yourself

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This week the Wall Street Journal reported on a prepared-foods research study completed by Simone Dohle of the University of Cologne. Doctor Dohle co-wrote the research paper with Sina Rall and Michael Siegrist of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Go Switzerland! Taste tests showed that when it comes to healthy food, people like their own preparation better than the same recipe ready-made. Psychologists … Read More