Recipes For Beet Noodles

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The spiralizing craze started with the summer-time zucchini. Now winter, beets are the next on our list to spin into curly noodles of deliciousness. Beet noodles make it easy to include the super healthy beet into your diet. You don’t have to commit to the whole beet PLUS no stained hands! Beet Noodle & Goat Cheese Salad (My Life Cookbook) … Read More

🎵 “I’m Strong To The Finich, ‘Cause I Eats Me Spinach” 🎵 

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  Krypton is a made-up planet. Gamma rays won’t turn you into a hulking beast. But there’s scientific proof behind the source of Popeye’s strength. Naturally high in calcium, iron, fiber, folate, and Vitamins A and C, spinach delivers four times more nutrients when frozen. And ours was put on ice immediately after being harvested at Dusty Lane Farms, an … Read More

The Muscles of Brussels: Recipes For Frozen Brussels Sprouts

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Because our Brussels sprouts are individually flash-frozen right after harvest (meaning no extra moisture to kill flavor and texture), they can be used essentially the same way as fresh—they just may require a tad longer in the pan or oven. Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Pears & Pistachios (Food 52) We love this recipe because it uses Bosc pears, which come in this … Read More

Toolkit: Knives

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To be a really great chef, you need some schooling and a bit of experience and a certain creative spirit, etc. We can’t all do that, but we can make sure we have the best tools to make cookin’ a little easier. You’ll be much better off with three good-quality knives: a 12-inch chopping knife, a 12-inch serrated carving knife and … Read More