Easy Peasy

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It is pea time folks. Over the next few weeks you will be getting sugar snap peas, English peas, and snow peas.  Rule of thumb. Sugar snap peas and snow peas – eat the whole thing! English peas – pop them open and eat the little round green things. They are peas! This week’s peas are sugar snap peas. We … Read More

Peas to Meet You

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This week bring us our first round of peas! A rather elegant variety, English shelling peas are easy to prepare and don’t require cooking. Pro tip: do not eat the shell.  To shell the peas, simply squeeze them along the seam to pop open the pod and then use your thumb to slide the peas out.   These peas are adorable, bright green and … Read More

Recipes For Beet Noodles

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The spiralizing craze started with the summer-time zucchini. Now winter, beets are the next on our list to spin into curly noodles of deliciousness. Beet noodles make it easy to include the super healthy beet into your diet. You don’t have to commit to the whole beet PLUS no stained hands! Beet Noodle & Goat Cheese Salad (My Life Cookbook) … Read More

🎵 “I’m Strong To The Finich, ‘Cause I Eats Me Spinach” 🎵 

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  Krypton is a made-up planet. Gamma rays won’t turn you into a hulking beast. But there’s scientific proof behind the source of Popeye’s strength. Naturally high in calcium, iron, fiber, folate, and Vitamins A and C, spinach delivers four times more nutrients when frozen. And ours was put on ice immediately after being harvested at Dusty Lane Farms, an … Read More