Cornell University, The Potato Innovators

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This week we are offering Salem White Potatoes. Salem Whites have white skin and flesh with a creamy texture and strong flavor. Their roundish-oblong shape and earthy flavor make them an exceptional roasting potato. In addition, they are moister, waxier, and have more sugar than russets, the most common roasting potato. The Salem variety was developed by Cornell University, which … Read More

More Than a Garnish or a Song: Parsley!

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Parsley is on your plate for a reason. It’s real food! You can use it to make pesto, tabouleh, gnocchi, and much more! This week’s bag has a bit of a Scarborough Fair vibe, because we’re offering you parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme in the bag plus the herb and allium subscription. Click here for an excellent explanation of why those herbs are … Read More