Healthy Office Snacks

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Yikes! Did You Know? Nearly a quarter of employees obtained food from work and this food, high in empty calories, sodium, and refined grains, added up to almost 1,300 weekly calories. More than 70 percent of the calories come from food that is obtained for free. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention If your workplace could use some help in the snack … Read More

Snack Time!

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Veggies don’t have to be relegated to the side dish. Veggies make great snacks! We’re not talking chomping on a raw carrot (though you should feel encouraged to do so), we’re talking about making some delicious savory bites for between meals and movie nights. Pretty much any vegetable can be spun into a snack creation with a little oil and … Read More

Cherry Tomato: Give it Up for the Little Guy

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The Cherry Tomato comes in countless seed varieties which sprout into myriad colors and flavors. This week’s tomatoes come from two different farms and they will be in the orange and red family. These little toms have colors ranging from red and yellow right through to black varieties. They’ll be just as flavorful as the larger varieties, and hold their … Read More