The Squash Spaceship

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Pattypan Squash looks like something we’d find in the Area 51 garden. Fortunately for all of us they don’t initiate an alien abduction, but we do have recipes for you to try that are out of this world. These squash spaceships can be found in white, green, and yellow, and they’re an ancient variety of summer squash that’s been grown for centuries here … Read More

Summer Squash with Samantha’s Special Sauce

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Recipe from Samantha Crowe, Field Goods buyer and a millennial that cooks. Ingredients Frozen Summer Squash Butter Onion Honey Bragg (or soy sauce) Olive Oil Instructions Defrost the Summer Squash and drain liquid. Sautee onions with butter until soft. Add the summer squash and Special Sauce* to the pan. Cook the heck out of them for about 15 minutes. You … Read More