It’s Tortilla Time!

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We’ve got what you need for a tortilla time to remember. Not only do we have the ingredients for any mix of veggie and protein combo you’d like, we also have unbelievably flavorful tortillas. Unlike your standard off-the-shelf grocery store tortillas, the tortillas you are receiving this week from All Souls Tortilleria are super special. First, they should be refrigerated because … Read More

The Whole Enchilada

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Get on the road to Mexico this week. We’ve got the whole enchilada! Loads of ingredients for south of the border inspired cuisine. Here’s the list: Par-boiled Black Beans (in the Fruit and Vegetable Bags) Pinto and Soldier Beans – SALE Chef D’s Mexican Spice – SALE – give it a try! Ground Beef Frozen Diced Peppers Roasted Anaheim Peppers Organic Pickled Jalapeño … Read More

The White Lady Peach

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This week we are delivering the White Lady Peach, a refined and beautiful fruit. It’s among the best low acid, high sugar, white peaches. Low acidity allows for the peach’s natural sweetness to be more pronounced. The aroma is heavenly and the flavor sublime. White Lady Peaches are a medium to large, very firm, and freestone peach. Peaches store best at room … Read More

Tortillas on The Road to Mexico

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Three items in the bag this week will get you on the road to Mexico: organic corn tortillas, frozen diced peppers, and par-boiled pinto beans. Other south of the border inspired items available include: frozen sweet corn, black beans, and queso blanco cheese. To start let’s talk tortillas. All Souls’ Vermont-made Organic Corn Tortillas are made using traditional process of stone-grinding nixtamal … Read More

TACO ’bout easy

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This week we’ve made meal prep exceptionally easy. Whether you whip up breakfast burritos for the week or throw a fiesta for taco night, you’re ready to go this week. We’ve got black beans (parboiled), frozen bell peppers (already diced, just saute), savoy cabbage (the perfect crunch), and some very high quality, flavorful tortillas to wrap it all up. Pick up … Read More