Custom(ary) Cranberry Sauce

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We have heirloom cranberries from Spring Rain Farm to make your customary Thanksgiving cranberry sauce! Turns out the sweetened version we now know all too well probably wasn’t in the original spread, but rest assured that cranberries have been part of Native American diets for centuries. They are one of the few commercially grown fruits that are native to this region … Read More

Planning Ahead for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so we are going straight to the root of the matter for this week’s Fruit and Veggie bags, by letting you know what is coming and how much of each. Since estimating exactly what will be harvested from the fields is a little tricky, amounts may vary a bit. HELP GET QUALITY FRESH PRODUCE TO FOOD PANTRIES … Read More

Hangover Cure

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Did you overdo it a little bit at Thanksgiving dinner (and dessert)? Good for you! Here are some easy steps to reset. Up your potassium intake. Eat arugula, kale and potassium-rich mustard greens in a medley salad. Try it: Crunchy Spinach & Chicken Salad  1-2 cups raw greens, artichokes, beets, tomatoes (¼ cup each); chickpeas (½ cup); pumpkin seeds; ½ an avocado; … Read More

Green Bean Casserole

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What is the deal with the traditional American holiday dish – Green Bean Casserole? Apparently in 1955, the Campbell Soup Company asked Dorcas Reilly (we did not make up her name) an employee in the home economics department “to create a quick and easy recipe around two things most Americans always had on hand.” No dummy, Dorcas decided that one of those … Read More

Fine Filaments of Affection

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On 1863, Sarah Josepha Hale pitched the idea of creating a national Thanksgiving holiday to President Abraham Lincoln (she had lobbied four other Presidents before him). Her argument was that the divided country needed a unifying holiday after the stress of the Civil War. Today, with media replacing muskets we find ourselves with a similar need. She wrote to Honest … Read More