Grapeful for Tomatoes

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As summer winds down, we find ourselves reflecting on all of the delicious locally grown fruits and vegetables that this season has provided us with. We’ve already bid adieu to blueberries, strawberries, and cherries, but we’re not ready to say farewell to field-grown tomatoes just yet! In fact, we’ll be savoring this week’s delicious grape tomatoes – which are basically … Read More

Juniper Hill Farm’s Tomatoes

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The flower blossoms became juicy red tomatoes! Juniper Hill Farm has grown truly delicious certified organic red slicer tomatoes for us. The farm’s nestled between the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain, on the mighty Boquet River in Wadhams, New York. Adam Hainer, who runs Juniper Hill Farm, said that Field Goods enabled him to scale more quickly than he could have … Read More

The First Tomatoes!

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The greenhouses have heated up and the blossoms have become juicy red tomatoes. Bless the Dagele Brothers! Our friends in Orange County and one of the early Field Goods partners, we have been giving you their delicious veggies for years. They’re famous for their black dirt in Orange County, which enriches the vegetables and makes growing especially fun. Their greenhouses … Read More

Little Tomato, Big Flavor

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These frozen cherry tomatoes give great texture to sauce. Think canned tomatoes when you grab this bag out of the freezer. Unlike the frozen tomato puree (which is a perfect base for pizza sauce, chili and tomato soup) cherry tomatoes still have their shape which can give you a quick but hearty tomato sauce. Of course, add cherry tomatoes whole … Read More

Kissing Cousins – the tomato and the pepper

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This week features Italian frying peppers, bell peppers, and slicing tomatoes (Standard, Big Boy and Heirloom). This year’s pepper season is late (like everything) so we are still in the green pepper stage. It will be a few more weeks until they mature to the red pepper stage.   This Week’s Field Goods Favorite Carmen Peppers  There are a wide … Read More