Trusted Harvest – Cutting it Fresh for You

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On a typical day in the Trusted Harvest kitchen you’ll find Chef Sam Ullman and his team furiously preparing pre-cut produce products, for delivery to their customers early the next day. Trusted Harvest’s pre-cut products are washed, inspected, and cut by hand. What makes Trusted Harvest products so much better than other pre-cut produce? First, its freshness. Produce begins losing … Read More

Shredded Daikon Radishes

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Shredded daikon is a beautiful invention for the spring. We heard through the grapevine that Stick and Stone Farm, a certified organic farm located in Ithaca, NY had a mother-load of gorgeous white and purple daikon radishes. Knowing the daikon takes on a whole new culinary texture when shredded, we asked our neighbors at Trusted Harvest to shred and the … Read More

Shredded Cabbage Comforts

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This week’s certified organic shredded cabbage was grown by Hepworth Farms, and prepped by Trusted Harvest to make your life easier! No need to risk injury using your mandoline… this cabbage comes shredded and ready to use. A vegetable long touted for it’s amazing nutrition-to-cost ratio, cabbage is also highly versatile for a multitude of dishes. One of our favorite recipes … Read More


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We are trying something new this week. You’ll find the ever so trendy zucchini noodles (aka zoodles) in the bag and in the store. They are made by Kingston, NY based Trusted Harvest from Altobelli Farm’s zucchini. They are super fresh. The zucchini arrives at Trusted Harvest, they zip through the spiralizer, package them up, and they’re off to Field Goods. … Read More