The Un-Turnip: The Japanese Salad Turnip

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Japanese salad turnips, also known as Hakurei turnips, are a white, delicately flavored variety of turnips. Hakurei are crisp and delicious raw. In texture and taste they resemble a mild radish. Best of all there is no need to peel or cook. For salads, cut into thin half-moon slices, matchsticks, wedges, or grate. Hakureis cook quickly in stir-fries. Quite a … Read More

We’ve got goodies for kids (and adults)

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This week we’ve got goodies for kids (and adults) to try. Thanks to the Field Goods frozen harvest, a delicious dish is moments away – and the kids can get in on the action. Frozen edamame literally can’t get any easier. All we do is boil some salted water, throw in the pods, and drain after 2-3 minutes. Put a pod … Read More

9 Surprising Simple and Delicious Reasons to Love The Rutabaga

Field GoodsOut of the BagLeave a Comment (published by Rodale) wrote the best article on rutabagas we have ever read! We hope you share our excitement. According to the article, rutabagas contain phytochemicals that help the liver remove carcinogens, as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants. One cup of rutabaga contains 50 percent of the daily value of vitamin C. Remarkable! Low in calories and nutrient-dense, rutabagas can be a particularly useful ingredient … Read More

Mmm, Mmm, Macomber

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Here’s the scoop on the Macomber.  As stated by a plaque in Westport, Massachusetts, brothers Adin and Elihu Macomber returned home from the Philadelphia Exposition of 1876 with special Pure Bristol White turnip seeds, originating from Swedish and Russian rutabagas. They dubbed the sweet, creamy root vegetable that grew from the seeds the Macomber Turnip, which thrived in Westport soil and … Read More