Absolutely a-maize-ing

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raw sweet corn

We’re sorry if that title is too corny! Maize, which we call corn here in the US, is a leafy stalk with kernels that have seeds inside. Fun fact: while technically a cereal grain, corn is generally harvested before maturity and therefore treated as a vegetable rather than a grain. Sweet corn is a hybridized corn variety that has a higher … Read More

Roasted Veggie Burritos: Spice It Up

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Recipes from The Sylvia Center, whose mission is to inspire young people to become healthy eaters and advocates for healthy food in their families and communities.  Right about this time of year before spring truly hits and stuff starts popping up again, we can all fall prey to squash-exhaustion, a cruel and bitter condition none of us (especially the squash) deserves. So: let’s … Read More