Shredded Daikon Radishes

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Shredded daikon is a beautiful invention for the spring. We heard through the grapevine that Stick and Stone Farm, a certified organic farm located in Ithaca, NY had a mother-load of gorgeous white and purple daikon radishes. Knowing the daikon takes on a whole new culinary texture when shredded, we asked our neighbors at Trusted Harvest to shred and the … Read More

Cherry While You Can

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This week is cherry week. Cherries (especially sour cherries) have a short harvest window and can be easily damaged by too much rain so you need to get them when you can. This week we have cherries in the bag and Montmorency red sour cherries as the Fruit Subscription. THE BEST WAY TO PIT CHERRIES! This video from Sunset Magazine shows the best … Read More

Still a Little Summer Left: Shishitos & Sunflower Oil!

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SHISHITOS. ARE. BACK. (!!!!!) These are our absolute, hands down, A-Team, gold medal, favorite peppers. All other peppers: we love you, we need you, thank you for providing 150% daily value vitamin C in just one cup….but shishito peppers are dreamy. Seriously, this is all you need to enjoy: throw right on the grill or into a skillet (with some sunflower … Read More