Sweet Like Honeynut

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We’re excited to introduce (or re-introduce) you to one of our favorite winter squash varieties: the Honeynut! Honeynut squash is basically a mini Butternut squash and, because of its smaller size, its sweet flavor is much more concentrated. Honeynuts have been around for only about ten years, but they’ve got a really interesting story which you can read about here. Like … Read More

Migratory Farms

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Growers often operate farmland in various states, where they may farm in NY/NJ/PA in the summer and move up and down the coast to continue their farming efforts after the local season concludes. Migratory farms is a way to help stabilize their business, keeps farmers working year-round, and provides fresh produce to the surrounding east coast states in these colder … Read More

New Things in the New Field Goods Year

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New Single Bag You can now order our new $15 Single Bag. Our Single subscription is designed for 1 person. Includes 3-4 different veggies and 1 type of fruit. The winter months include our fabulous frozen produce products as well as fresh. Not a heck of a lot more to say, except this: it’s the perfect way to start the … Read More

Winter At Field Goods– Hope You Don’t Mind Leeks!

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For some of you, this may be your third winter with Field Goods. Wow! With full hearts here, we want to take this post just to say how much we love our greenhouse farmers and our storage expert farmers. Their work helps to keep us flush with delicious produce in the colder months. Now combine that with our flash frozen products, … Read More

Can You Believe Winter is Finally Over?

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Alright, Thursday gave us a bit of a scare (flurries on April 23rd? Who gave the okay on that one?), but fear not! For spring has truly sprung on our farms and winter has ended. This week’s Field Goods Favorite is asparagus! Pair that with some overwintered rapini AKA broccoli rabe– a match made in green, green heaven. What’s that? … Read More